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What is 'The Per Capita Grant?'

Each year, our library fills out a report called the IPLAR report. It is required by the government to provide them statistical information about our circulation, population, collection, and more. They then use this data to determine our funding. This is called the Per Capita Grant. This money allows us to purchase new items to add to our shelves. This means a large influx of new items come in around the same time, and we get to put them on display at the front of the library. We put a two-month reserve on them so that our local patrons get to enjoy them first before they start shipping out to the other libraries in our system.

We are currently wrapping up the cataloging process for these new items, and are already starting the IPLAR report for 2023! Our hope is that you will find items that interest you, as we put a lot of time into curating a collection that is comprised of a wide variety of genres & themes. Your input on what you would like to see at the library is always welcomed and greatly appreciated! Suggestions for movies and books can be given to a librarian at any time & will be looked into for our next purchase.

The Per Capita Grant isn't the only grant our library receives. Our director and board work hard to research available opportunities and apply for them to get extra funding, not only for books or movies, but other categories as well. These extra grants, such as the Mary Helen Roberts or Donovan Trust grants, have been used for amazing new technology such as Chromebooks, Kindles, STEM learning devices, and so much more!


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